Vol 21 Chapter 2-3

As Yingkong’s actions were too abrupt, Zheng simply was only able to withdraw Tiger’s Soul in time. Although his reaction speed was fast while in the second stage, how could it compare to Yingkong’s abrupt personality change? Within the blink of an eye, she was already sticking to his waist. Within one breath, when Zheng held Tiger’s Soul and wanted to slash at Yingkong, a single palm of hers was on his waist. She exerted force and pushed, while her other hand welcomed Tiger’s Soul. The palm of that hand just happened to block Zheng’s incoming wrist. Somehow, she managed to borrow Zheng’s backwards force to hook his wrist. A loud and clear sound. Zheng’s wrist joint was forced downwards, and Tiger’s Soul finally dropped to the ground.

“This is how I fight. Little Yingkong, no matter how you attack, the best attacking method is whatever can kill the enemy… My attacking method is force redirection and control. As I haven’t overcome the heart’s devil of the fourth stage, the strongest power I can attain now, ‘infinitesimal control’ exhibits...

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