Vol 21 Chapter 2-2

Xuan’s plan seemed to be slightly insane, but this seemed to have been his style all along, which was to use the most daring method to give the most shocking attack. When they had recovered their senses, the entire scheme would have already started, or even ended. His plan for the final battle was a battle of kings! For Zheng to challenge clone Zheng! The other team China members would challenge the other team Devil members. When Zheng obtained victory, team China would win. When clone Zheng obtained victory, team China would be wiped. This choice between either victory or defeat… It couldn’t be denied that it really was something Xuan would do.

“This reasoning is actually very simple. You all can go and think about it. The more people there are, the more variables when executing a scheme. So, although we can scheme for the final battle it won’t be possible for a reversal like in Lord of the Rings to happen. So, we can only choose to use force against force to challenge the strongest team,...

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