Vol 21 Chapter 2-1

About five days had passed since the return from Independence Day to God’s Realm. In this time everyone had already rested completely apart from the newbies who had just entered the movie worlds. Even the Eragon plot and countermeasures had already been planned. Everyone wasn’t too worried about the next movie world, as there was no team battle, and was likely to be one of the rare easy movies that God gave. What really made them worried was the deduction that Honglu made.

Was the final battle nearing? Had team China completed their preparations?

Perhaps Zheng had already done his preparations to welcome the the final battle from his power to understanding, and from his mentality to plans. But what about the rest of team China? Including Xuan, everyone more or less had this type of question. If it wasn’t not being powerful enough, then it was an incorrect mental state, or just being in the sleeping state. In any case, challenging team Devil, that man known as as the strongest in the realm, Xuan’s clone as well a...

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