Vol 21 Chapter 1-2

Chaos, Genesis Splitter.

The general meaning of this move was to allow Magic and Refined Qi to collide in the body. This would cause an energy reaction similar to that of the Magic Cannon. The power the Magic Cannon erupted with was enough to sink a small landmass. Although the energy reaction within Zheng’s body was much smaller, but in a correspondingly small body, the result wasn’t inferior to the strike that could sink landmasses!

To a biological lifeform, this power was akin to the result of Genesis Splitting. The power that could be displayed was terrifying, and was indeed unimaginable. If Zheng could safely exhibit this power, one punch of his would be equivalent to a missile. A full power strike of his would surpass a miniature nuclear bomb by far. This power really wasn’t one a biological lifeform should possess. Zheng’s strength at that time was enough to single handedly attack and destroy the entire alien headquarter. Even if he went up against those legendary...

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