Vol 21 Chapter 1-1

A feeling akin to that of being simultaneously dreaming and awake. When everyone opened their eyes, what was before them was no longer the world of steel and iron that was the alien headquarters. It was God’s Realm. Dark and bright, illusionary and real, an infinitely large world that was indescribable. Everyone was momentarily dazed in the instant they opened their eyes. It was only about a second later that Zheng abruptly shouted.

“Damn it, Xuan you idiot! Wasn’t that too vicious? God, full body repair! Deduct the points from me!”

Although Zheng was shouting, he was still calling for a full body repair with a clear mind. Although his injuries had already fully recovered after fusing with the Guide, the other team members were more or less injured. Especially was Heng’s group, whose breath had become extremely weak. He didn’t know what the so called energy absorption Lionheart used was. Could it turn people into servants like the vampires in legends? Thus, the usual full body repair was a necessity.

Just as he had...

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