Vol 20 Chapter 9-2

Zheng inhaled deeply. He unlocked his genetic constraint without any hesitation. As his body entered the fourth stage, a pair of wings protruded from his back in front of all the people on the area. The wings swiped the several officers who were standing just behind him to the ground. Zheng grabbed Zero by his arms and then leaped out of the plane.

The two people weren't far away from the plane's wing when they were outside. A strong current triggered by the plane blew them upward and they flipped a few circles in the sky. Zheng found his balance then carried Zero onto the roof of the plane.

"Can you aim from this distance?" Zero yelled as soon as he put Zero down.

The strong winds were crashing onto their bodies. Their physical enhancements allowed the two people to remain in place instead of being blown away. However, both had to yell to get their voices heard.

Zero looked at the dots in the distance that were the alien ships and yelled. "I don't know. We can only try… At this distance, the wind, any deviation, and the rotation of the Earth will affect the aim. I don't have the confidence to hit the targets from so far."

Zheng sighed. He was aware this task for difficult. Zero was not a super human. His two enhancements on the eyes...

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