Vol 20 Chapter 9-1

Air defense units, fighter jets, and all the researchers inside the facility were wiped along with Area 51.

Zheng was more shocked than any of the movie characters when the message was relayed. He spent most of his time near the president and the other important figures in consideration of the other team's existence, to prevent the possibility where the other team would assassinate the movie characters. As for the team members, Xuan and YinKong were sufficiently strong enough to deflect any surprise attacks or at least delay the attackers until he would arrive to assist.

Zheng was the first of the team to learn of the loss of Area 51 when the national security advisor told message. His mind went blank for a few seconds before the meaning of the message registered.

Zheng jumped at once and said. "What?! Destroyed? What are you kidding! Who destroyed it? How?  How is that possible?"

The movie characters were also shocked at the message but their reactions were nothing compared to how Zheng acted. He appeared oversensitive, as if he had known of Area 51's existence beforehand.

The national security advisor looked defeated. He looked down at the floor and said in a quiet voice. "The aliens attacked Area 51. Everything's gone now. Nothing… nothing left!"

The president's reaction was fierce. He seized the national security advisor's collar and said. "Why wasn't I told of Area 51? Am I not the president...

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