Vol 20 Chapter 8-2

The players finally came to understand the danger of Independence Day. The three days that they had to survive were under the condition of not using any personal flying devices while being chased and assaulted by the aliens. The aliens in the original movie used only their air force but the aliens in this world were more akin to actual invaders in comparison.

"What does it represent? It doesn't look like there's an underlying reason. We just have to avoid coming in contact with the aliens' ground force." Zheng asked Xuan.

Xuan seemed to have finished programming the virus for his plan. He hadn't touched his laptop since escaping from Washington the day before. The newbie girl on the other hand was going over his laptop enthusiastically and frequently asking Xuan the specifics of the program. As expected, she was met with an ice cold response every time. Despite that, she continued asking Xuan questions as though she was oblivion to the indifferent expression on Xuan's face.

Xuan was being annoyed by the girl when Zheng asked...

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