Vol 20 Chapter 7-2

Team China and the movie characters rode the helicopter to a runway where multiple luxurious airplanes were parked. One of those was the Air Force One. The group of people boarded Air Force One two minutes after leaving the White House and thirty seconds before the Destroy fires at the city. The plane had taken off from the runway at this time. They were only thirty seconds ahead of the plot but these thirty seconds mean the plane had escaped the radius of the attack. Team China was safe.

"Now then. Let us witness the scene of the laser." Xuan who remained silent throughout the incident suddenly spoke. He brought out a sphere from the spatial bag. With a few presses on the little sphere, a screen was projected onto the wall of the plane.

"Doraemon, when did you make this? Uh. I am not going to about it. I've grown accustomed to these things by now. The least you can tell me is why does the screen show the space above the White House?" Zheng scratched his head as he asked in the most casual tone, as though this was typical in his life.

"The Yellow Turban can teleport and float. It's on top…" Xuan muttered with his eyes fixed on the screen.

"Enough. I know what it is. Let us watch the movie, Doraemon."

The veterans were used to this kind of exchange between the two. The newbies on the other hand would feel curious. However, everyone's...

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