Vol 20 Chapter 6-1

Lionheart smiled with elegance. "I know of you. Zheng Zha, the leader of team China and team Devil. You and your clone are both incredible people. Based on what I know, your clone is acknowledged as the strongest person in the realm by multiple teams. And you are not far off for edging over team Celestial. Your potentials are extraordinary."

Zheng paused for a moment before he spoke. "It seems like you are familiar with me. I don't know you."

Lionheart bowed. "You wouldn't know a side character like me. I am nothing more than a nobody who struggles to survive in this realm. Someone who wishes to slowly grow and avoid anyone powerful. If it isn't for the final hour coming near, I wouldn't have taken the leader position. Hehe. The good old days when you won't be put into a team battle without a leader....

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