Vol 20 Chapter 6-2

“That’s basically the situation.”

Inside a meeting hall in the White House, Zheng narrated his encounter with team Pacific’s leader. He was so focused on the event that he became unaware of using the catchphrase of a certain person in this team.

“I apologize for being too selfish. I was overwhelmed by rage when I imagined they were a team that enslaved newbies. I almost couldn’t contain the rage and wanted to destroy those trash, and every time I thought of the things that happened to my clone in team Devil… I acted too rash. We are at a disadvantaged position in terms of influence and I rejected the other team’s offer. Sorry, guys. This movie could be difficult for us.”

The conversation between a human and an alien who seemed to have known each other shocked the civilians and the politicians in the White House. The politicians immediately invited...

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