Vol 20 Chapter 5-3

Zheng moved along the road carrying Juntian on his hand. His physical prowess was extraordinary and allowed him to leap from car to car relying on only his physical strength. Furthermore, the most basic movement technique he exchanged eased this task even more. He barely broke a sweat on his way to the White House at a speed that wasn't much slower than a sedan driving on a highway at full speed. Juntian on the other hand wasn't so well. Cold air stuffed his mouth when he opened it so he had to keep his lips closed.

Zheng wasn't aware of Juntian's condition. He repeatedly asked him for the direction while he ran. After a while of no response from Juntian, he finally looked down and found the man's eyes were rolling over. It shocked him to quickly stop by a black sedan and carefully channel Qi into his body.

Juntian nearly fell...

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