Vol 20 Chapter 5-2

The streets team China was on were part of the ghetto, where the blacks and the poor dwelled. The majority of vehicles that drove through this area were taxis, and not that many in total. Their bus shoved straight out of the ghetto into the main roads. The vehicles here were lined up so close to each other and moved ever so slowly. Walking was sure to be the faster method. Occasionally drivers shouted curses from their cars when two cars touched each other from being too close, which slowed down the traffic even further.

This scene was only happening on the way leading out the city. No vehicles were coming into the city. That did not mean the reverse side of the roads would be a smooth ride. Vehicles packed the roads, going the opposite direction they were intended for. The two-way streets became one ways. It was a feat by itself to drive the bus into the narrow streets team China was on through this condition.

Zheng sat on the empty seat behind WangXia. His jaws dropped at the sight of the jammed roads. "How did you manage to drive...

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