Vol 20 Chapter 4-2

Team China was free to leave the area with the appearance of the sky fortress. Strangely though, the newbies still hadn’t woken up. This deviated from the usual course of events.

Zheng frowned as he looked at the people lying on the ground then at the castle in the sky. He muttered. “Anyway, let us assume the other team is with the aliens. The movie world has begun so we need to plan our next move clearly. The watch says we can’t leave Washington until an hour before the attack. Does that mean we are in Washington right now?”

The scenery surrounding the team was chaotic. Pedestrians froze in place as they stared at the huge flying object descending toward them. The young men near the basketball hoop looked up to the sky while the ball rolled down a drain. Drivers came out from their taxis and then the cars behind crashed into the empty taxis....

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