Vol 20 Chapter 4-1

The team was clouded by the same familiar hazy feeling. Time felt distorted in this dreamy state. The members woke up to completely new scenery. They were standing on a spacious empty area to the side of an old looking street. On the empty land was a crudely made basketball hoop. Several black teenagers were playing near the hoop.

“Independence Day, huh?”

Zheng and the other members got up from the ground. They carefully observed the surrounding area. Zheng looked down at his watch, which displayed the team’s mission in this world. Many things became inconvenient after he lost the leader privileges.

Still lying on the ground were the members who were trapped in the dream world and one other man and two women. If they were to include Imhotep and Anck-Su-Namun in the count, that made the team nineteen people, which also stated the difficulty of the movie. This difficulty was almost...

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