Vol 20 Chapter 3-2

While Zheng’s mind was entangled with the mixed emotions he had toward clone Zheng, the team headed down to the basement of Heng’s room after their dinner. They were going to test the Yellow Turban’s strength.

“The accumulated energy we currently have can power the Yellow Turban on two levels. First is the Nemesis level. It will possess strength on par with Kampa when transformed into werewolf and in the second unlocked stage. Level two is four times the strength of the Nemesis level. However, the first level allows the Yellow Turban to revive three times, doubling in strength with every resurrection. The total sustained timeframe is sixty hours. The second level cannot revive but will last for seventy-two hours.” Xuan explained.

The yellow cloth slowly transformed into a mini Yellow Turban before their eyes....

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