Vol 20 Chapter 2-2

YinKong was standing in a black void of space. She couldn't tell the directions. There was no left, right, front or back. Nor was there up or down. Even the senses of space and time felt hazy. YinKong couldn't see herself, just like when you dream, you normally wouldn't see yourself.

This was the heart, the sea of consciousness that existed within every person. The mind normally floated on the surface of the sea and sunk down to just before the middle layer during sleep. Deep level of hypnosis would bring the mind into the middle layer. Only in extreme circumstances would the mind enter the deepest layer, where the most fascinating power a life form possessed resided.

At this time, YinKong had only reached the middle layer. All the glasses Xuan built had similar functions. They differed in the direction the hypnosis led the user. The ones he wore hypnotized him into becoming a hot blooded young man, whereas...

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