Vol 20 Chapter 2-1

(Who am I?)

(I am YinKong… is it?)

YinKong jolted out from her dream. Her hand immediately reached for the side, where an invisible two-handed sword lay. As her hand clenched on the sword, peace finally returned to her heart, except for one tickled string inside that couldn't come to still.

She felt she sensed it since waking up in The Mummy's world, a feeling unable to be described in words. It was like a dream, yet further away than dreams were and at the same time more real than any dream could be. This hazy feeling confused her, like she was one step away from the truth but had no idea what the truth was.

The blanket slid off as she sat up on the bed. Then she glanced over the room. It was still unusually spacious with the bare minimum of furniture and decorations. Only the basement was filled with...

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