Vol 20 Chapter 16-3

“Xuan, the gap between my clone and me is extremely huge…”

Zheng was sitting at his underground basement, and a set of ruins had newly changed into the likeness of a forest. All traces of Zheng’s training could no longer be found, and all that was left was peace and quiet.

Xuan was standing not far behind Zheng. He indifferently bit at an apple in his hand. This man didn’t reply Zheng’s question, only sitting there and minding his own business as he ate the apple.

“...Don’t bite at your apple anymore. Please, you can’t taste anything anyways. I’m talking about an important matter now. The final battle is near. Before that, I must be as strong as my clone, or at least have the power to fight with him. Otherwise, our team China…”

Xuan listened, and finally stopped biting the apple. He instead spoke out. “Have you already understood the gap between you and your clone?”

“Gap?” Zheng was preparing to take offense at first, but he instead entered contemplation upon hearing Xuan say this. “The gap in power...

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