Vol 20 Chapter 16-2

Lionheart was in a good mood. Especially when he had absorbed two people’s energies, this happiness had peaked. It also happened that his Vampire genes had advanced in level at the same time.

The strongest the Vampire bloodline could get to was the Prince rank. These Vampires also still weren’t strengthened to the limit yet. They needed to continuously become stronger to complete these genes. But when they reached this stage of evolved genes, they would possess an innate enhancement, which was to absorb energy and genes of others to reach perfection. This was the true meaning of the ‘Bloodkin’. Although Lionheart had an extremely strong body constitution, his team battle experience was still pitiful as team Pacific was the type of team which enslaved their team like cattle. He thus didn’t have much chance to absorb the genes and power of powerful combatants, making it such that this seemingly strong ability really didn’t end up being of much use.

Honestly speaking, team China’s main combatants actually possessed great strength....

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