Vol 20 Chapter 16-1

Zheng’s original plan was to capture the psyche force user of team Pacific alive. He would then either search for his remaining comrades or wait for Xuan’s plan to finish, before seeing whether it was possible to wake up the remaining unconscious members of team China. He was instead helpless in the end. This psyche force user was stronger than he had imagined, and didn’t seem to be like those who enslaved their teams like cattle. He possessed extraordinary intellect and powerful strength.

Especially was that Julian, who had yet to reach the fourth stage, actually possessed Light of the Soul, and one that was related to psyche force at that. This was too dangerous. If he got near the other members of team China, it would definitely result in heavy casualties. Thus, Zheng directly chose to use the most direct and violent method, and even used the Tiger’s Soul blade. He directly used the method he had used to break the prototype god’s A.T. Field at that time. He used Magic to chop out with the blade. Although the toughness of that white light was surprising,...

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