Vol 20 Chapter 15-3

The scene changed over to that of the other side a few minutes ago. Zheng and Julian confronted each other. Although Julian had already sealed off Zheng’s three most important senses in battle amongst the five senses, he still seemed unwilling to get nearer to Zheng. Because although it was only just Zheng standing there quietly, his power was already sufficient to make Julian unwilling to face it. Even with the protection of the sheath, facing Zheng was simply too dangerous.

(His strength and speed have already reached the limits of an ordinary organism’s body. Assuming he was that traitor Cultivator of team Celestial that would still be slightly better. But he’s not. To reach this level relying only on the body is truly… unimaginable.)

Julian stood at his original position rubbing his injuries. He shook his head, laughing bitterly, before pondering inwardly again.

(I made the same mistake as Lionheart. I underestimated the power of team China’s leader. Although I still haven’t used the Arayashiki, it’s still unknown if it can have any use against someone who overcame the heart’s devil. I definitely can’t let any other members of team China come over at this time, or else I can only flee…)

Julian immediately laughed bitterly again. Originally, he had wanted to let the other members of team China rush over. But based on the current situation, they wouldn’t rush over to be killed, but instead surround him. That situation definitely couldn’t be permitted to happen. Also, Lionheart on the other side seemed to have absorbed the power of two of team China. To avoid him continuing to become even more powerful, Julian had no choice but to change his original objective and planned to use psyche force to draw the remaining members of team China over to Lionheart. 

To send a made-up situation, especially through the method of a psyche force scan to send it to the...

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