Vol 20 Chapter 15-2

Heng, Imhotep and XueYing stood in confrontation with Lionheart at a location not far away from Zheng. More precisely, only Heng was confronting Lionheart. Imhotep was injured from a surprise attack. That dark red flame was the bane of his existence. A single spark ignited a whole sandstorm and knocked him back into human form. Imhotep was lying on the ground motionless with smoke rising from his body.

Lionheart gave a laugh as he rediscovered the confidence that was lost when he fought Zheng. His flame was powerful but it seemed like a helpless child when faced against Zheng, which made him doubted this ability. The torture descended upon Imhotep during the burn brought back his confidence. He didn't know why this would happen to Imhotep, rendering him disabled but not dead.

"Oh please. Do you think an enchanted arrow can kill me? Not even the strongest person in your team was able to kill me. What do you have over him?!" Lionheart transformed into a crimson light and continuously moved. He stayed a hundred meters from Heng.

Heng held onto his silver bow. The arrow wasn't aiming directly at the crimson light but Lionheart knew that if he slowed down, an enchanted arrow would instantly pierce his body.

Heng was one of the main combatants in team China after all. His strength was within top three. He wasn't a close range fighter but still, the enlightenment over Elven energy bestowed him with a fair degree of knowledge of close combat. He knew if Lionheart approached the three of them, they would be killed without question. There was no point in contemplating. Heng drew an arrow and activated Lightning Shot. Lionheart dashed away in his light form from shock. Heng was giving off an aura more powerful than Zheng at this instant and Lionheart sensed a threat that could take his life.

Back when Heng was still under the influence of his mental obstacles, he was able to hold clone Zheng in place with Charged Shot. Clone Zheng wasn't as strong at the time, but neither was Heng. A skill that concentrated all of the user's power and faith into one shot could drive anyone running.

The confrontation was in a stalemate. However, Heng was feeling sour over the situation. Lightning Shot...

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