Vol 20 Chapter 15-1

Zheng hurried his pace and finally arrived at his destination before team Pacific did. As long as Xuan stayed in approximately the same place he was at, the Magic Cannon would hit this area. The realization eased his worries while he waited for team Pacific to come.

(I have to be careful. Team Pacific's leader definitely can't accept his loss. If he brings the rest of team Pacific with him, I won't be able to finish them off quickly. Furthermore, what if they seeks to kill the rest of team China first? Even though no one has died yet...)

Zheng was standing on a platform. He selected a spot and sat down then began to ponder the gains and losses acquired in this movie. Xuan's issue caused the world to deviate from the movie beyond recognition. However, if team China could manage to survive the movie, and if Xuan could overcome his heart's devil, the team's strength would take a leap to the next level. The difference between a person who crossed the gap into mid-fourth stage was day and night, as was the difference between Zheng and Lionheart. At the moment, Zheng didn't know the internal issues that arose within team Pacific nor that team China was moving under his plans.

(More twists and turns might come in this movie. However, the momentum has been set. Team Pacific's fate was decided the moment they stepped into the mothership. My only worry is whether Xuan and HongLu's deduction comes out true. If not, team China will cease to exist with them.)

Zheng chuckled bitterly. The team's fate had been interwoven with Xuan. If Xuan were to fail and die here, the remaining strategist alone couldn't save team China....

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