Vol 20 Chapter 14-3

Zheng initially planned to quickly finish off Lionheart through instant Destruction. He didn't expect Lionheart to take his first attack head on. The flame barrier that blocked the second attack struck his interest.

"Not a bad skill." Zheng followed up with three more punches, each one carried monumental force. However, the thin layer of flame blocked his attacks despite him shattering the flame every time.

Lionheart massaged his neck and sneered. "I heard that your clone, the strongest man in the realm, also uses this ability. Only that he's stronger than me and his flame has evolved to a pure black color. "Once I absorb your power, he will be my next target. Haha..."

Zheng showed no response. This scene was on the level of a school age kid robbing a martial artist, absurd and comedic. Lionheart didn't know Zheng's true power was way beyond him. Zheng couldn't even feel worried.

(This ability is practical in both offense and defense. It's effectiveness increases with the user's strength. My clone has the flame in pure black color. Maybe I can improve my combat power if I learn this ability. I will keep this fight going for a while and see if I can learn it while the rest of team Pacific arrive.)

Zheng breathed out. He didn't bother taking out Tiger's Soul and waved his hand. "Come. Let me see how much of a genius you are. Don't disappointment me, Or you would be dead."

Lionheart's face turned blue. "Are you mocking me? Go to hell..." The flame in front of him exploded before he finished talking. Zheng flashed next to him.

"Spend your time to think how you can survive instead of insulting. Keep in mind you are fighting someone way beyond your level. Or do you think that I won't kill you?" Zheng laughed coldly. He spinned his hands in front of his chest as if there...

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