Vol 20 Chapter 13-3

While Imhotep, Heng and XueLin were running for their lives, Zheng was causing a storm inside the alien mothership. There were certainly violent gusts from the numerous explosions, though no rain.

Zheng had no fear of the spider machines unlike the other group. The energy beams could at the most induce pain on his body. The recovery rate of his Qi was equal to its consumption as long as he stayed on top of dodging the incoming fires. With technological weapons being ineffective against him, there was no way for the aliens to defeat him with close combat. Furthermore, psyche abilities had little influence on him since he had reached the fourth stage and broke free of his heart's devil. His enemies could only rely on force greater than what he possessed or corner him through the use of influence.

Zheng had scouted this large area in the time. The mothership was similar to a hive, constructed by layers upon layers of passageways. In between the passageways were metallic layers approximately a hundred meters in depth. The aliens had fully grasped anti-gravitational technology that enabled them to bypass the difficulty caused height and build such a magnificent structure. There were vertical passageways that went through the mothership. Every thousand meters down was a platform like the ones team China's spaceship landed...

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