Vol 20 Chapter 13-2

The aliens near the spaceship gradually awakened after team Pacific's three members left. Strangely, these aliens didn't break into the spaceship. They rode their spider machines away as if they didn't notice it.

"It's simple. The aliens in the movie communicate through telepathy, which is a double-edged sword. Their psyche strength is powerful compared to normal humans. However, they are also more fragile than humans against psyche force users who specialize in offensive and control psyche abilities. They are more easily controlled. I believe that man used an ability to blind the aliens from seeing this spaceship."

It was a girl's voice inside the spaceship. Yinkong got up from the floor with a smile. She glanced around at the people still lying and her smile bloomed. Yet, her eyes remained cool as ice. She said. "Nicely done, HongLu. How did you know they would only hypnotize us and not break our limbs?" She casually...

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