Vol 20 Chapter 13-1

The actual aliens did not have much screen time in the original movie. They were mostly in spaceships and the Destroyers in the battles and their ground forces were few. However, the aliens in this movie had air dominance and the spider like machines on the ground, which were better fitting to the name of Harvesters, a race that drove other species to extinction.

Zheng unleashed his attacks the instant the spaceship landed. He worried the space outside was a vacuum but since Xuan had left the spaceship already, the environment should be suitable for survival. Indeed, he stepped into an environment with air, although this air smell absolutely foul. It was still breathable and could keep them alive.

The spaceship stopped on top of a spacious platform lined with numerous spider machines on the sides. The aliens inside the machines obviously didn't react to Zheng's appearance for a second, allowing him to dash in front of a machine with Soru before the rest of them raised their guns. Zheng sliced...

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