Vol 20 Chapter 11-1

Team China had decided on the next step of the plan. They were going to find the functional spaceship then drive it into the alien mothership. There was one problem though. The aliens wouldn't leave the mothership unprotected if they were forward thinking enough to destroy Area 51. They were equally likely to destroy any spaceships approaching the mothership in space.

The solution wasn't difficult to come up with. Xuan wrote a second program in his laptop that intercepted satellite signals. In the movie, David discovered the aliens transmitted information through the human built satellites in encrypted signals. Xuan intercepted the alien transmissions without anyone knowing and told the team they could disguise themselves into the mothership, except that he was uncertain of the success probability.

"I have some ideas." HongLu said. "Going by what we have been thinking, what do we think the aliens are?"

The team looked at him confused, unable to understand what he was getting at. XueLin's...

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