Vol 20 Chapter 10-2

Four hours went by after the previous meeting. The proposal to retaliate with nuclear bombs was put off to the side. Many people on the military branches supported the proposal, but shadows of the previous failure could not fade from the politicians. Thus, the meeting ended in an endless tug of war with no conclusion. The president and his staffs were too exhausted and had to call off the meeting to give people rest. It was to be continued after a meal.

“We are wasting time here. There is no point in staying after Area 51 was destroyed. We might even get dragged into the American’s war. You are strong but it’s a war! A war between two species! An individual’s power is…” Juntian cried.

Team China also went back to their room after the meeting. There were no luscious presidential suites in a military facility and they had quite a few people, so the staffs allocated a big room for all of them.

Juntian was quiet during the flight, whether he was terrified or knew his lack of power and wit was another question. Though once he arrived at safety, he started talking and trying to persuade people to leave, to hide in a mountain or forest until the movie ended.

The veterans did not make fun of him. This was a phrase that...

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