Vol 20 Chapter 1-2

The business in The Mummy's world came to an end at long last. It had been three days since team China returned to God's dimension. They brought Imhotep and Anck-Su-Namun along with them. Those with the most points chipped in for the items needed to bring the movie characters out of their world. The team ended up with less points than before they entered the movie since the body repairs expended a good fraction of their remaining points. Though they did obtain ranked rewards due to the bonus mission. No one exchanged any items as they were waiting for points from the next movie to make use of these ranked rewards.

"Now, the next movie is… I don't know." Zheng said. "God stripped the leader privileges. Probably because I died. Haha… Feels strange to speak so lightly of my own death, but that's the situation. We won't be able to know what comes next until the another Guide comes and selects a new leader. We may not even be able to know of the next team battle in advance."

The team gathered inside Zheng's room. Since Zheng died in the previous main mission, the leader status bestowed by Jie was taken away. This in turn prevented them from getting the name of the next movie. It might be extremely dangerous because they couldn't prepare.

"However…" Heng said. "If you get selected again by the Guide, wouldn't you go directly...

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