Vol 20 Chapter 1-1

"That's the basic situation. We are lucky that no one died in this mission. The spoils don't line up with our expectation but at least we have something in our pockets… This bonus mission ended wonderfully." Xuan said.

Team China sat in a circle inside a little inn in Egypt. This was the entrance to this world unique to the team. Once the time arrived, they would be returned to God's dimension. This time was only two days away. During the final days in this mission, everyone was too lazy to move after a rough adventure. They decided to settle down in this city. They went fishing, chatted, and then napped. Such laid-back days were far and few in between for them.

Xuan didn't wake up until the last several days. He expended too much mental energy and life force in the battle. If one were to judge his age by his appearance, they would have assumed he was over fifty. Though the dude's face looked as indifferent and calm as always after he woke up. The way he talked didn't change at all. The loss of a good chunk of his age barely had any effect on him.

"You call this lucky?" Zheng pointed at his arm.

The arm that wielded Tiger's Soul had withered. He could no longer move this arm. He couldn't even feel any sensation, no pain nor itch. It was as though the arm...

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