Vol 2 Chapter 8-1

Vol 2: Chapter 8-1.

This was the Alien Queen! And it was much bigger than the one in the movie.

The Queen’s speed was so fast that in the blink of an eye, her tail sent Zheng flying. With a loud bang, Zheng landed over ten meters away. The rest of them recovered from the initial shock, but they were already standing right under the Queen’s mouth. There was no place to hide.

Zero’s reaction was the fastest. The moment Zheng was hit, he rolled to the side and at the same time started shooting at the Queen’s head. The bullets hit the Queen’s shell but all of them were repelled. Their contact ignited sparks, you could see how hard the shell was.

Zero’s aim was good enough that some of the bullets hit her tongue. Yellow blood splashed from her tongue. She started to scream like crazy and turned around as she swiped at Zero. Luckily Zero rolled forward with a close call. This swipe only scratched his back and blood started flowing out.

Xuan was the second one to recover. His eyes became sharp. He ran toward the Queen. When he was several meters away from her, he accurately hit the Queen’s tongue with dual pistols. Consecutive shots crushed the front of the tongue into pieces.

The Queen’s scream got even louder. She lashed her tail at Xuan. Before he could even react, the tail hit his left shoulder and knocked him over to one of the cases ten meters away. His whole body got embedded into the steel case.

Zero never stopped shooting with his submachine gun. He kept circling on the side of the Queen, avoiding her tongue and tail. But no matter fast he ran, the Queen was faster than him. She suddenly turned around and, as Zero tried to roll away, her claw had already gotten ahold of his left arm. At the same time that tongue shot into his right arm, no, it crushed his right arm. Zero’s right arm totally disappeared.


Zero let out a painful cry. Blood flowed out from his mouth. A piece of his lung had also disappeared in the attack, resulting in blood in his breaths. Fortunately, the Queen didn’t immediately kill him, instead she started devouring the flesh of his right arm.

Lan only recovered after Zero’s cry. She raised the desert eagle with trembling hands and started pulling the trigger, it was a unlimited ammo weapon after all. The power of this gun actually shot through the Queen’s shell. Even though it didn’t seem to damage her all that much. It created over ten little holes on the Queen.

The Queen threw Zero away and turned to Lan and Jie. Then she started screaming.

Zheng didn’t die from the attack. Even though he was hit by the tail unprepared, his body was much stronger than a normal person. The attack only cut through the skin of his belly and the intestines, but didn’t cut him in half.

When Zheng landed after the attack, his body went into a frozen state. Aside from feeling pain, he couldn’t move his body. So he could only watch the battleground when Zero started attacking, and Xuan got knocked away, the Queen crushed Zero’s right arm, and now as the Queen faced Lan and Jie. Zheng was growing more and more anxious. And as he lost more and more blood through his broken intestines, he was starting to go unconscious.

‘I will die, will die… I am going to die right now! No, I can’t die here, I want to live on, go back to the real world alive, go back with Lori, no matter what, no matter what I have to live… I don’t want to die!’

Zheng felt that sensation of something within him unlocking again. Loads of information streamed into his brain, including how long he can last in this state, how to recover his strength as soon as possible, how to use the blood energy that he had, and much more information… on how he can survive!


Zheng stood up. His instincts took control of the blood energy and circulated it through his whole body. This increased his vitality temporarily. Then he tied a knot with his intestines, so that they wouldn’t hinder his movements. That pain was originally unimaginable, but at this moment, it felt more like a stimulant. The pain constantly stimulated him, keeping his mind conscious.

The Queen was now running toward Lan and Jie, her claw swiped at the two. Jie knocked Lan away as he tried to roll away. But the Queen was faster. Lan barely got away but the Queen caught Jie during his roll. She held him up with a claw pierced into his left chest. Jie cough out a lot of blood. It’s uncertain if his heart was injured or even if he was still alive.

Zheng’s eyes were bloody red. He pulled out the steel bar from behind him and charged at the Queen at incredible speed, every step he took crossed several meters. As he approached the Queen, he jumped up over three meters high. He pulled the grenade’s ring with his teeth then stabbed the bar into the Queen’s waist. At the same time, a claw knocked him away.

With the explosion came the Queen’s cry. The grenade blasted a large hole in the monster’s waist!

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