Vol 2 Chapter 6-2

Vol 2: Chapter 6-2.

Zheng didn’t have Jie carry him the last part of the way. It was not too far off so he wanted to use this opportunity to warm up and stretch his arms and legs. Though any movement of his right arm caused him severe pain. He had to tie his arm to his body. It was painful when he tied it, sweat streamed down like rain. Anyone could easily tell the pain he was experiencing. Lan’s heart clenched as she watched. She could only hold onto his left hand, and that’s when she noticed Zheng couldn’t even move his left hand a bit due to the pain.

Zheng was soaking wet from sweat after tying his right arm. He tried to move his body and forced a smile. “That’s good enough, my right arm won’t be troublesome now. Let’s go, we have to speed up.”

Lan was still holding onto his hand. She hesitated and said, “Can we… can we not go and go back to the control room? I know how to put down the walls. We can stay there until this spacecraft reaches Earth, then let the armies handle them. We don’t have to take this risk, especially since you…”

Zheng was surprised for a bit, then he pulled back his hand without her noticing and pointed to the ground. “Take a look at the ground, aren’t there a lot of holes from corrosion? Those are from the Aliens’ blood, they are an intelligent species. When they feel endangered they will injure themselves to break through the wall. That’s how these three Aliens escaped.”

“If we were to block them off and go back to Earth, they will certainly break through the wall again when they’re hungry. By that time there will be more Aliens. Remember those four people they brought beyond room 15? So we have to kill the Queen before there are four more Aliens. This is our only chance of survival. Otherwise, Xuan wouldn’t take the risk and go to the arsenal. Because he knows this is the only chance.”

Zheng laughed and stroke her hair. “Just follow behind us. Rest assured we won’t give up any comrades. We also won’t put our hope to fate. I will live no matter what!”

Due to Zheng’s determination, the other two had to follow him towards the arsenal. The gunshots were getting clearer and more intense. Zheng tensed his body. His running looked wobbling due to having one arm tied up. But even so, he adapted to this style of running after a while.

“Jie, take this longest steel bar. I don’t know if I can kill them instantly with the grenade and steel bar. If I can’t kill them, then stand behind my back and hold them away with the bar. I will block them, whether it’s their tongues or tails, I will block their attacks. But you will have to hold their body away, don’t let them get near. With my current condition, I can only throw the steel bars and block their attacks, I can’t get into close combat. Jie, no matter what happens, you can’t take a step backward.”

Then Zheng took the steel bars from Lan and handed the one without a grenade on it to Jie. They were now only one corner away from the arsenal. After this turn, they would either see two Aliens or pieces of human flesh.

‘The gunshots are intense. Xuan probably heard the explosion from before. In other words, they’ll kept the Aliens’ attention right now. Two stage three Aliens… The first throw has to hit no matter what! Otherwise we will be dead. Can’t die no matter what! I will live!’

Zheng took a deep breath, then sprinted forward. That speed left the two in shock. He didn’t slow down when he approached the corner and ran straight into the wall.

The air became thick and dense again. Zheng was getting used to this condition as his body reached its limit, but before unlocking the genetic constraint. He could push his physical abilities, vision, and reaction speed to the limit; but those combat instincts, and unlocking the constraint would only appear when he was on the brink of death. He still couldn’t control them.

Zheng made use of his speed and ran up the wall. The moment he stepped on the wall, he could see the back of an Alien on the door of the arsenal. The front half of its body was already inside the room. The other Alien was not in sight. In other words, the other one was probably already inside the room.

As he was still mid air, he pulled the ring of the grenade with his mouth. Then he threw the steel bar. He was not left handed after all though, so this throw wasn’t comparable to when he did it with his right hand, in both power and accuracy. He aimed at the Alien’s belly but it hit just below its waist. The Alien backed out from the arsenal, when it turned around and looked at Zheng, the grenade on its waist exploded!

That grenade was inserted into the Alien’s body. The explosion blew up its waist. Internal organs and yellow blood splashed everywhere. The hall was splashed with acid and the steel started to corrode. Then the hall was filled with white smoke. Zheng could see a faint shadow lying on the ground.

“Is it dead?”

Zheng rolled on the ground as he landed. He couldn’t pay attention to the pain from hitting his right arm. He focused his attention on the shadow on the ground. As he was ready to throw another bar, that shadow jumped from the ground and charged toward him. Its speed was too fast, he couldn’t throw another bar in time. An Alien with a hole on its waist ran out from the smoke then jumped at Zheng.

As he was going to stab the Alien’s head, a hand from behind pushed him away. Jie ran out from behind. He stabbed into the Alien’s mouth as it shot its tongue out. That tongue pierced Jie’s shoulder.

For a moment, blood splashed everywhere, painting Zheng’s world red.

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