Vol 2 Chapter 5-3

Vol 2: Chapter 5-3.

Along with the scream came a loud bang on the door. It only took one tackle to bend the whole door. Zheng could see half the Alien’s body stuck in the door. Two of the steel bars hit the Alien. One pierced its left chest and the other right under its neck. Both hit the vital spots of the Alien, though not enough to take its life.

This was the second time Zheng fought against an Alien face to face. Even though the situation was better than last time, it was not overly optimistic. This Alien was fully matured, about 30% larger than the previous one. Its black exoskeleton was thick and tough as a piece of metal. In fact, the steel bar only penetrated one third its length. A large section of them were hanging outside the Alien.

Zheng’s body trembled as he looked at the terrifying appearance of the Alien. Especially when that tail stabbed at the door and opened up a big hole. ‘If that stab lands on a human…’ No matter how much Zheng enhanced, he didn’t think his body was tougher than steel.

‘It’s this pressure, as if my whole consciousness is gone. All that’s left is fear and those instincts…’

Zheng felt something unlocked within his body again. Countless instincts appeared in his mind. These instincts also included ways to use Qi efficiently.

He guided his Qi to raise up through the spine in a spiral, cross over his head and into his right arm. This process only took a blink of an eye. Zheng let his instincts take control over his Qi and the result was notable.

When the Qi crossed over his head, he felt something coming from his brain get added into the Qi. He focused this mixture on his right hand. The moment the Alien knocked off the door, he threw a steel bar with a shout. At the same time the Alien’s tail hit his belly.

Jie and Lan gave out a cry. Zheng got knocked off the ground and flew into the wall with a bang. The spear he threw was even more powerful. It easily penetrated the Alien’s head and went into the wall behind. A third of its head was gone. It wobbled a bit then fell to the ground. On the wall behind the Alien was a fist wide hole.

Lan took some clothes to cover her chest then ran toward Zheng in a hurry. “How’s it, how’s it? Zheng! Are you alright?” The anxiety sent her crying as she saw Jie standing there in a daze. She knelt beside Zheng. But as she got down, she saw him stroking his head with an idiotic expression. She suddenly felt angry and hit his belly without thinking. “You scared us! You attacked it without saying anything, what happens if you failed? You will… and also get both of us in trouble! You will get us killed!”

Zheng groaned with pain as she hit his belly. Lan saw the blood on her hand then went into a panic again. She said as she cried, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t know you’re injured. I’m really sorry…”

Zheng took his hands off his belly and looked at it carefully. There was a hole about three fingers wide. Luckily it only pierced the skin and didn’t damage the intestines and organs.

Jie went over to where Zheng was at. He found a deep footprint embedded in the ground. He stood up and said in amazement, “That was incredible. You jumped backwards as the Alien’s tail hit you. That’s why it only got through your skin. If it was me standing there, it would have probably pierced through my intestines.”

Jie got more excited as he spoke. He went over to Zheng and patted his shoulder. “Dude how did you do it? That was godlike. If I didn’t see it with my eyes I would have thought some martial artist killed it. God, how did you do it, teach me!”

Zheng smiled bitterly. “You two, help me bandage it up first. If you continue like this I will probably die from blood loss. And someone should go fix her clothes…”

Lan then noticed her clothing. She blushed and glared at Zheng. Then ran into a shower room. Zheng took out the hemostasis spray and bandage from his ring. With the help of Jie he bandaged the hole on his belly.

By the time Lan came out, he immediately said to them, “There’s no time to explain. Jie, carry me on your back and move toward Xuan. Don’t stop no matter what happens to me. Lan, my right arm is broken so carry those steel bars for me. Remember to keep up with us. Let’s go.”

Zheng now firmly believed in his hypothesis. The genetic constraint unlocks during danger and terror but a normal body couldn’t bear the power that comes with it. Even with his enhanced physical abilities, his right arm suffered a comminuted fracture from an all out attack. And following that would be the unbearable pain. What if this happened to a normal person?

This is like a double edged sword, and it had to be while under a life threatening situation and experiencing terror for the constraint to unlock for just a little while. This is a human’s final struggle against death.

“… ha, the only fortunate thing is, I discovered a way to possibly use blood energy, not sure…”

Before he could finish, that feeling of death spread from his internal organs throughout his body. He started to have a seizure on Jie’s back. The pain rendered him unable to even open his mouth. His muscles felt like they were ripping apart. The wound on his belly started bleeding through the bandage. Blood flowed along his legs and dripped to the ground.

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