Vol 2 Chapter 5-1

Vol 2: Chapter 5-1.

On the monitors, the two Aliens quickly moved toward this side just as Xuan predicted. The Alien that was following the other four newbies also came. At this moment, everyone’s attention was focused on the screen.

Even though they had decided to go their own ways, whether or not all the Aliens got isolated was related to their rate of survival. So even Zheng was staring at the monitor intensely.

“Just missing the last one… where is the last one? The last one…”

Xuan muttered to himself, then his face turned paler and paler, sweat coming out of his forehead. Lan suddenly said, “There are only seven characters in the original plot. One robot and six humans. When you calculated the Aliens did you include the main character? This is only the first movie…”

Xuan immediately realized it. He hurriedly pressed some buttons, several walls came down on the screen blocking the Aliens’ movements. They were forced to run in another direction. The Aliens were gradually forced to move to a far off corner then trapped inside the walls. They could see the path to the arsenal was cleared.

The six of them exhaled deeply. Zheng asked Lan, “What did you just say? Isn’t there another Alien missing? Why did he put down the walls when you mentioned the first movie?”

Lan laughed. “Because of the main character. Think about it, didn’t the main character survived the first movie? If she was killed then what would happen to the second, third, or fourth movie? Will they cease to exist? So it’s possible that we are only facing against five Aliens. One Queen, one killed by you, and three got trapped. Then there is no fourth one.”

Zheng thought for a moment. “But what if the main characters of every movie are recreated? Then wouldn’t there be another Alien behind room 15?”

Xuan’s voice came from the side. “This is a question of probability. Under any circumstances, I will always choose the one with the highest possibility. As long as it’s higher than 50%, it’s worth a try.”

Zheng sneered at him. “Even if it means risking your life? Are you okay with getting sneak attacked by a hiding Alien?’

Xuan replied calmly, “Yes, even if it’s my life. I will always choose the choice with the highest possibility. You mentioned my life just now, so are you planning to split up with me?”

Zheng nodded. “Right. I can’t stand being with you! Maybe when I get injured you will give me up like a burden. Instead of this I would rather depend on my own power! I can’t trust you, just like Kampa said, I can’t trust my back to you!”

“Is that so?”, Xuan turned around. “That’s unfortunate. I said I will only give up those that are useless to the team. Just like a question of probability. He was an individual of low probability (useless) and he failed my test. I had done all I could do for him. But I will do my best to save comrades that I acknowledge. Think of ways that the majority can survive.”

Zheng said, “What if I am trapped in a hopeless situation. The probability of saving me is low but there is still a chance. What will you do?”

“Depends on the situation. If your life is very important, then I will save you no matter what the cost is. If saving you puts the whole team in a dangerous position, then I would rather give you up.”

“Is that so?”

Zheng remained silent for quite a while, then said coldly, “Yes. I understand your methods are probably right to you. But these methods give me shivers. We can’t stay together. And don’t f*cking use your own safety as the team’s safety. Don’t you think it’s dirty to fool us? You kept saying the team, but what if the team needs to sacrifice you? You will probably think of every possible way to have someone substitute you.”

Xuan smiled. “If it’s you, what will you do?”

Zheng was gathering all the chairs in this room, he replied without turning around, “I agree with what you said in the beginning. Every member should be able to contribute to the team. Just like I won’t go protect those three hooligans. So I will choose my comrades carefully, but once I acknowledged them, I will never give up on them. This is the only way to keep the trust within the team. People like you who use people as tools, even if we survive, you are the only one that can feel completely safe. So I won’t stay with you.”

Neither of them said anything more. Half an hour later, Xuan, Zero, and Kampa left the room first. Jie and Lan watched as Zheng started destroying those chairs.

Jie held onto him. “Stop being mad, it’s not worth getting mad for those people.”

Zheng laughed bitterly. “I am not mad. I am just preparing weapons. You’re right it’s not worth it. So I have my method of combat.”

Jie and Lan looked at each other. After destroying the chair, Zheng took the metal bars out from those chairs. Then he twisted the bars until they became a helix shape.

“Know why I want to stay away from them?”, Zheng suddenly said to the two with a smile. “Because I have a bad feeling. I feel there’s definitely something hiding beyond room 15, waiting for us to get close. But I won’t tell them. Let them lure that thing out. If they believe having power makes you stand above the others, then as the weak side they should be prepared to be the ones that are given up.

“I was a manager in my company, so I know how important it is for a team to work together. And no one is absolutely useless. Do you know why I kept comforting Shuai? Because I wanted to get him into our group, to acknowledge our group. To the point that when he really got into a situation where he had to sacrifice himself to save the group, he would do it for the people he trusts.”

After finishing his words, Zheng threw the helix shaped steel bar. The whole bar penetrated into the wall and left only a finger length of the tail outside. This power shocked Jie and Lan.

Zheng pulled the bar out from the wall. Then continued. “I know his methods are perhaps right… but if you trust me, then let’s face these horrors together. He has his ways… and I have my way of fighting! No matter what, we will all live!”

With that said he threw the bar again and another hole appeared on the wall.

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