Vol 2 Chapter 3-1

Vol 2: Chapter 3-1.

Zheng and Lan lay on the floor. They were still holding onto each other. Their minds were still filled with the overwhelming anxiety and fear. It wasn’t until they heard footsteps from the other side that they regained some consciousness.

Of course Zheng wouldn’t think it’s cool to lay on the floor like this, but he was totally exhausted. In fact he was terrified ever since he came into this room, afraid that the pain would come again. Fortunately, he was only exhausted this time and didn’t unlock the genetic constraint. So it seemed like the constraint isn’t something you can unlock so easily.

Xuan crouched next to Zheng and asked, “How’s it? Any injuries? How long will it take to recover?”

Zheng replied with a weak voice, “Probably just exhausted, no injuries. If I can rest well… it should take about half an hour.”

Xuan looked delighted, people as calm as him don’t usually express such emotion unless it is something really worthwhile. He stood up and said, “Too bad you didn’t get any food and water, otherwise my plan would’ve worked. Now we need to think of another plan, but it doesn’t matter that much, we have initiative now. We aren’t prey without any means to protect ourselves, we can at least put up a fight.”

Then Jie carried Zheng on his back. Lan didn’t use much energy during the run, she was just terrified. She stood up after a bit of rest and followed behind everyone.

“This is the control room of the spacecraft. Even though it looks complicated, it’s actually similar to the control system of rocket launcher stations. So it’s easy to get a hang of it.”

The seven of them sat in room 27. Xuan explained to them the usage of the controls and buttons. Though he only gave them a rough explanation, no one else in this room could understand what he said. Of course they could still follow some simple orders and press some buttons.

Zheng thought silently, ‘This complicated system is probably only easy for you.’ Though he wouldn’t really say this out loud. In fact he was very thankful that there were geniuses like Xuan in the newbies. These kind of people are the most important for a team.

After Jie put him down, he suddenly said, “Actually I brought a lot of food and water. If we limit our portions, it should last us quite a few days.”

Xuan and the others looked in confusion. Though Jie said with excitement, “Is it the Na ring? There’s a lot of food and water in the ring right?”

Zheng nodded with a smile. Xuan immediately inquired about the Na ring and when he learned that it’s a item created by Xiuzhen and costed a fortune to exchange it from God, he got excited. He took Zheng’s hand and studied the ring. “Is it really an item from Xiuzhen? Is it really an item from Xiuzhen? God, I have guessed this type of item existed from historic documents. Haha so they all originate from this dimension! If I can crack the secret of this technology, I can’t imagine how much humanity can advance.”

Xuan ignored the weird looks from everyone, he continued with a zealous expression. “Do you know? We actually unearthed some items that can’t be explained with our technology from other countries. They no longer have energy in them, we couldn’t activate them with electricity or other kinds of energy. From analyzing the materials, we deduced that there once existed an advanced civilization. But the years that this civilization appeared are strange. These items range from over ten thousand years ago to a thousand year ago. There’s such an advanced civilization hidden within our society and we never realized it, do you think this is possible?

“So the researchers are separated into two parties. One party believes the items were created by aliens that hid in our civilization. I quite dislike this kind of analysis, attributing every unexplainable phenomenon to aliens. This attitude towards research is very unlikable. The other party thinks these items are created by the mythical Xians or Gods. Even though this is equally hard to believe, at least people from this party still look for clues through ruins. Moreover they actually found some indirect evidences.”

Xuan stood up and looked at everyone. “Do you know what this means? It means the advancement of humanity is not limited to technology, even though this kind of technology is also natural science, but they have broken the limit of external (physical) science. This is the most advanced internal science!”

Zero suddenly said in a cold tone, “External science and internal science, do these have anything to do with our current situation? I’d rather have the food and water from that ring.”

Xuan said in a low, resigned voice, “Forget it, you won’t understand it. Anyway, cracking the secret of Xiuzhen will be the next biggest step for mankind after genetic constraints!”

Zheng and Jie looked at each other with a bitter smiles. Even though Xuan was usually calm and rational, he was still just a researcher. Once he encounters a field he’s interested in, he will be more fanatical than anyone. Just like he wouldn’t let go of Zheng’s hand right now.

Zheng said, “Since we have enough food and water, what’s your plan? Even if you want to research Xiuzhen, you will need enough points to exchange. That would take tens of thousands of points and we have to survive to earn those points.”

Xuan finally calmed down. He let go of Zheng’s hand and sat down on a chair. “Since we have enough food and water, then I have two plans. One, we monitor the halls, record the locations where Aliens appear, then when they are separated we put down the isolating steel walls to trap them one by one. Then we can find a safe path to the arsenal in room 17. This path should be safe once all the Aliens are trapped. After we get our weapons, we can rely on Zheng to eliminate them one by one. This is the only way we can fight.”

Zheng’s heart skipped a beat. He really didn’t want to get into close combat with those monsters again. He immediately asked, “What’s the other one? You have two plans right?”

Xuan sighed. “The other plan… There is a hibernation room, humans can sleep there with minimal energy expenditure. We can eat enough then go to sleep in there. The return route has already been set in the spacecraft’s computer. We will return with the Aliens.”

Jie asked in confusion, “Return? Return to where?”

“Earth! Bring the Aliens to the Earth of this dimension! Let the Earth governments fight the Aliens with their army! Then we can survive without risks… of course, there’s another possibility. The humans in this dimension get wiped out by Aliens then we will face millions or even countless number of Aliens. This way, we can live for a few more years then die.”

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