Vol 2 Chapter 1-1

Volume 2: Alien Massacre

There was only one Alien in this movie. Yet this Alien still killed everyone besides the main character.

Zero crouched beside the bodies without a word. He dipped his finger into the blood, then smelled it. “Dead for four to five hours.”

Xuan also crouched next to the bodies then measured the diameter of the holes with his fingers and compared their sizes. He stood up with a serious expression after quite some time. “It’s indeed a Queen. This is bad news, our mission is to eliminate all Aliens right? If there’s a Queen in this spacecraft then… I think we are probably dead.” [1]

The others looked at him. Lan touched her forehead and said, “I remember the Queen is the kind that can lay eggs. It has an immense size compared to regular Aliens. Is this what you’re referring to?”

Xuan nodded. “Yes. It’s over ten times stronger than a regular Alien. You can’t even damage it without heavy firearms. The worst thing is we are obvious out here.”

Zheng asked, “Obvious? What do you mean?”

“Food. Think about it, to grow an Alien from the size of a serpent to over six feet tall in a short period of time, do you think they can just grow out of thin air? No, it requires a huge amount of organic material and energy. In other words, they need to eat during this period. In fact I’m curious why they didn’t eat the bodies? Does that mean they have already found enough bodies?” Xuan mumbled these words.

Xuan stood up and continued, “We are very likely to become their food. If it’s only the eight of us, we could stay together and react when they appear. But what about the other seven? They are spread throughout the spacecraft. They are the most delicious food in the eyes of Aliens. In fact, I suspect that all the cast have already become Alien eggs. There are eight characters, aside from the robot. The worst case scenario is an Alien Queen and five Aliens. This is the most likely situation we will face.”

Jie asked, “Why not a few more Queens? Since we are going to die anyway, a few more won’t make a difference.”

Xuan shook his head. “That’s not possible. Aliens have their own society, just like ants and bees. There can only be one Queen in a group, otherwise it will cause internal division and war, or the weaker one will leave the group. But this is inside a spacecraft, and there are only so many Aliens. There can’t be another Queen.”

“As a matter of fact, when I first saw the movie, I considered this species as the perfect specimen in the evolution of the physical body. They will adjust their form and adapt to the environment based on the genetics of the host. They can keep on modifying their genes to evolve. This is so similar to humans that have unlocked their genetic constraints.”

Genetic constraints? Humans? Everyone looked at this scientist with a colonel rank as he indulged in his thoughts. Then at the same time, screams and cries for help came from far in the hall. These screams sounded more and more miserable and after ten seconds, they disappeared.

Zero stared at the hall and said emotionlessly, “It’s those hooligans. They got attacked.”

Zheng sighed. “Let’s still go take a look, if we find any Aliens, we can kill them. They are supposed to be rather weak right now?”

Xuan nodded. “Yes. The Aliens are still in their second stage. We can kill them with enough fire power. Do you really only have a desert eagle and haven’t exchanged for any other weapons?”

Zheng and Jie smiled bitterly. “We are different from you after all. I am only a white collar worker. Aside from Jie being a retired soldier, Lan’s a writer and Xiaoyi’s only a student. Can you expect us to know a lot or how to fight a battle?”

Xuan smiled. “Let’s go, we will go take a look first. And you are not totally correct. Remember I mentioned genetic constraint? This is the highest technology in our world. Our country is ahead of the world, even the US and European countries might not know more than us about this.”

“In the ancient ages when our ancestors were still apes, no, even before that, the dryopithecus, there was a missing period of time in our archaeological studies. Nothing indicated why apes evolved into man. Don’t trust textbooks that said it was gradual evolution over millions of years. Let me tell you, the latest genetic studies show that this evolution only took 120 years. Not several million, not even several thousand, it’s merely 120 years. Humans evolved from dryopithecus to the early man, australopithecus.”

“From the oldest single-cell organism, to multi-cell organism, to invertebrates, to reptiles, and the gradual evolution to the modern human; our history is indicated in our genetic code. Do you know what appeared in our genetic code during those 120 years? Let me tell you, it’s a constraint.”

“Yes, a constraint. Our evolution exploded only for 120 years, then it was sealed off due to various unknown reasons. After that, from the early man to the modern human, our evolution was actually minimal. To the point that we didn’t even evolve a bit for the past tens of thousands of years. You can say that our technology is evolving, we are more advanced than people tens of thousands of years ago, but this is only an accumulation of knowledge. It has nothing to do with biological evolution. Our evolution has come to a stop.”

Xuan spoke as he ran. He didn’t care for the shocked expressions of everyone and continued: “This dimension, I am not talking about Alien but the overall dimension of horror movies, I’ve seen this before. Except that I didn’t understand it’s meaning at the time. In the ruin where we found a human skull in a cave, our country actually found a tablet with words carved on it. We translated most of the words, it basically said, ‘When human evolution comes to a stop, horror will unlock human’s genetic constraint again, to restart the advancement of evolution.’ The message was left by people named, ‘The first group of humans to unlock genetic constraints’. Perhaps this dimension existed since the ancient times.”

Zheng asked, “What happens when we unlock the genetic constraint? Humans become supermen?”

Xuan smiled. “You probably heard this line, all things at their core are good for something. According to our genetic code, there are no weaklings in humanity, every person is supposed to have a speciality. And his speciality is guaranteed to be among the most talented. In fact, some can achieve it through training, such as sports, or memory, or wit. Removing the genetic constraint will allow us to choose our speciality depending on the situation. You can be a genius when you need to think, have unparalleled strength when you need power, and during battle… you can become a super warrior that can survive no matter what happens. Even if everyone else died, you will live.”

“Being able to solve any difficulties, have the mentality to never give up, and survive through any situation! This is our evolution after removing the genetic constraints!”

[1] The Alien Queen was introduced in Aliens (1986). The direct sequel to Alien. Original Trailer.

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