Vol 19 Chapter 9-3

A big thump resonated as a sand barrier blocked the way of the Yellow Turban’s hand. This seemingly fragile barrier managed to completely withstand the attack at the cost of Imhotep’s face turning paler than before. The attack had injured him.

(These strange monsters are the bane of my existence just like Zheng said, or more accurately, the bane of all beings that exist in the same form as me. Are there other beings who encountered the same situation that I do?)

Curiosity sparked within Imhotep. He had heard a lot about God’s Realm from Zheng before Zheng fell into the deep sleep, since he would need to decide whether to join team China after their mission. The more he learned, the more he realized he didn’t know. Were these Yellow Turbans created to counter beings like him? What exactly was this world he lived in? What was the reason of existence for the natives of this world?

The situation didn’t allow him time to ponder further. Imhotep’s power became useless against the Yellow Turbans. Neither the liquid absorption property of his sand, the erosion of his energy had any effect on them. He so wished he could smack the five Yellow Turbans into a pancake.

(I can’t hold them any longer. They are stronger than when they were in Shanghai… We should leave first. They shouldn’t be able to match my speed in my whirlwind form.)

He gave a shout to TengYi and LiuYu. “Be careful! I am going to carry you off!” His body transformed into whirling sand and expanded outward. The sand enveloped the group before the next attack came. Imhotep carried everyone to the air, including those who were asleep.

(We escaped? That was easier than I thought.) Imhotep was thrilled.

The whirling sand could turn into a sandstorm at his will. However, a sandstorm formed outside the desert wouldn’t be powerful. The whirling sand also moved at a faster rate.

Imhotep flew fifty meters away then with a big thump, everyone dropped off the whirling sand. Fortunately, they were only flying...

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