Vol 19 Chapter 8-2

Heng was not a hero. The fact was his cowardice and spinelessness were rare traits in team China. The former Heng was not a person worthy of being trusted despite the exceptional archery skills he possessed. The two mental flaws turned him into the most unstable person in the team if problems arose.

Heng had never stopped running away prior to A Nightmare On Elm Street. Even though he was training with his heart out, even though he was growing stronger, he never became someone worthy of being trusted. Strength was not the determining factor at this point.

In A Nightmare On Elm Street, Heng found the one thing he had long lost — courage. He found the courage that he used to have, the courage to bear, to challenge, to atone. This courage brought him in front of the lover he once abandoned and it allowed him to look...

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