Vol 19 Chapter 7-3

That figure was ZhuiKong. He walked out from the behind the tree and laughed, “Hehe. I was worried the kids would hear us. Does that mean my little sister has gotten stronger again?”

YinKong also laughed. “That’s not something to be happy about. It’s more dangerous the stronger she gets. Do you wish for her to fall to the inner demon?”

ZhuiKong gently smiled at her. He walked over and stroked her hair.

YinKong slightly blushed and slapped his hand away. “You lolicon. Don’t touch me. We are discussing serious matters.”

ZhuiKong laughed delightedly as he took back his hand. He then said in a serious tone, “The investigation — it’s unbelievable. The ‘Kong’ project began twenty years ago, which confirms what we knew. However, the...

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