Vol 19 Chapter 7-2

Xuan was not a trustworthy comrade, not because he was incapable but the opposite.

That was how Zheng was feeling. If Xuan were standing in front of him at this moment, he would beat the crap out of him. The man was vexatious. Zheng had fallen into danger again.

(It’s more strange than actually dangerous. Damn it.) Zheng thought as he looked ahead. He was inside YinKong’s consciousness.

Zheng suddenly had the idea of waking YinKong during his conversation with TengYi. YinKong was a major force in the team after all. Her contribution couldn’t be overlooked. And so he put Xuan’s glasses on her then attached the metallic pieces linked to the glasses onto his temples. He immediately lost consciousness.

By the time...

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