Vol 19 Chapter 16-5

WangXia was quick to bring his mind back to reality. He grabbed a hold of Xuan at once, whose hair had turned silver and the skin on his face wrinkled to that of a sixty years old. The moment the ground Xuan was standing on collapsed, he came out from the activation of the Lambda Driver and fell unconscious. There was no response from Xuan no matter how much WangXia called.

On the other side, Heng was also drained of energy and stamina. YinKong grabbed the back of his collar during the collapse. It was quite an embarrassing moment to get carried by a little girl but not like he had the energy to over think at this time. Luck didn't seem to side with Heng when he was hanging on YinKong's hand like a cat. A scattered rock bumped into his head, which didn't knock him out but the feeling induced by the pain and bleeding along with the lack of energy...

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