Vol 19 Chapter 16-3

The tower stashing the Cultivation manuals was built on top an antiquated platform, which had a foundation made of a semi translucent, white rock. The surface was smooth as a mirror. It seemed as though the foundation was carved from a single piece of jade. Etched on the platform was countless mysterious rune words and symbols. Zheng dashing on the seemingly fragile jade under Destruction didn't leave a dent at where he stepped. Neither did he leave any scuff on the etchings. The jade was tougher than any metal.

Zheng was only a hundred meters from the gate of the tower by the time he stepped onto the platform. He feared turning around to look at his team. Could they fly off before the land fell into the lava? Could they manage to find a way when the land broke apart?

(Damn it. Xuan always turns...

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