Vol 19 Chapter 15-4

Zheng was truly flying at the moment instead of levitating through Geppo under Destruction. This flying speed was at least 250% faster than using Geppo, only slightly slower than Soru. He was not far from the prototype god and approached it in the blink of an eye. The space between the two rippled with intense waves. Tiger’s Soul lightly glided across the space. The waves shattered like glass, no longer displaying the toughness they had before.

(As I thought… this is what it means that every living being possesses the Light of the Soul.)

Zheng suddenly felt enlightened. The Light of the Soul was a type of energy generated after a living being achieved the mid-fourth stage. It had no relation to one’s talent, race, nor being a physical or psyche force type. The only influence an individual had on the Light of the Soul was...

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