Vol 19 Chapter 14-4

The so called prototype god was a gigantic sphere of light with a volume of five thousand cubic meters. Its radiance and color were exactly the same as the sphere in God’s dimension. The only difference was their sizes. The name prototype god, were the Saints and Cultivators referring to the first version of God?

“Well, shit. Is this a joke? Are we going to battle God?” Zheng cursed then turned to Xuan.

Xuan had also seen the god in front. He ignored Zheng and instead said to Heng and WangXia. “Dig four holes on the ground. The size and space of a horse’s hooves.”

Zheng hadn’t turned his mind around to understand him. The other two though immediately grabbed Xuan’s shirt, knowing what he was planning to do. ChengXiao went over and whispered what it was...

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