Vol 19 Chapter 14-3

The cave was unusually spacious at two thousand square meters big. The light emitted from the white crystals embedded throughout the walls gave the cave an aura of mystery. The group paused their feet as they stepped into the cave, or more accurately, awed by the mysterious and beautiful scenery.

“It’s beautiful. I had the exact same feeling the first time I entered this place. Haha. Such an astonishing scene right? This light feels like it’s going to suck your soul away.” Jonathan laughed. Then he murmured. “Too bad the crystals are harder than diamond. You shoot a bullet at them and it will get deflected without leaving a mark. Damn it. If I could make them into jewelries, they would worth more than diamonds. Crystals that glow.”

Money, money, money. Jonathan was still crazy toward money as he always had. His conversations rarely diverted from...

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