Vol 19 Chapter 14-1

“The situation was not complicated. The Soviet Union obtained a piece of the statue. As a major power in the world, they have long had the wish to become the only major power. So in the very least, they wouldn’t hand out the piece when they knew we were heading for the coast of the United States. They probably couldn’t wait for us to destroy North America.” Xuan said to Zheng who was sitting in front of him then took a bite from an apple.

Zheng froze for a moment with his eyes wide open as he stared at Xuan. He asked. “Have you never suspected the Soviet Union?”

Xuan finished off his seventh apple. He had already consumed four cucumbers and several colorful unknown fruits. It was like he had starved for a few days. He said. “It’s no use suspecting. No nation will succumb...

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