Vol 19 Chapter 13-5

People who unlocked the mid-fourth stage brought out the power from the deepest part of their genetics and began to venture into energy manipulation. Zheng and his clone displayed special control over heat. RuiKong displayed control over the Force of the Soul. YinKong displayed control over energy… absorption.

YinKong’s counterattack arrived so sudden and without any sign. She was subdued the previous second. Neither did RuiKong showed weakness but the tide of the fight turned in an instant. She absorbed the powerful Force of the Soul and struck back.

YinKong grabbed RuiKong’s neck at once. RuiKong could sense a danger coming from her that was unlike the last time. She struggled, in hope of breaking free from YinKong’s hand. Yet, the hand on her neck was as tough as a pair of pliers and didn’t even budge. YinKong smashed her...

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