Vol 19 Chapter 13-4

YinKong technically didn't disappear. Her speed was simply too fast that most people couldn’t catch her in their vision. All that appeared in people’s eyes was a shadow that flashed across their field of vision. YinKong had already reached Rui-Kong in the next second. The air in front of her rippled visibly and a sizzling noise followed. She then disappeared again, reappearing on a tree twenty meters away.

Only two people caught YinKong’s movements. One was Rui-Kong, because her sight came from psyche scan. As long as the object existed and was in motion, it couldn’t escape from the psyche scan no matter how fast it moved. The other person was Zheng. He had the capability to follow YinKong’s movements with ease. Still, it surprised him to see that YinKong’s speed exceeded his speed in Explosion...

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